Transfiguration Episcopal Church, Indian River, MI

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Transfiguration Episcopal Church offers a traditional service with Holy Eucharist every Sunday at 10:00am, followed by coffee hour.  Additionally, a Morning Prayer service is offered very Wednesday at 10:00am.  The 1979 Book of Common Prayer and the 1982 Hymnal are used in our worship service. 

We are a dynamic, heart and soul parish with a congregation consisting of a diverse group of caring, loving, outreach and faith-oriented members.  We offer a place where all are welcome no matter who you are or where you are on your journey of faith and strive to be a welcoming and inclusive church where all have a place at the table.

Transfiguration Episcopal Church began life as a mission church sponsored by St. James' Episcopal Church of Cheboygan.  The first services were held in a specially designed trailer "chapel" parked in downtown Indian River, Michigan in 1958.  The trailer was moved to the present 29 acre site in 1960, which is within a mile of the center of Indian River, nestled between the pines and oaks of Northern Michigan.  A campaign to raise funds for a new church was launched in 1964.  The specific purpose was to design and build a church that would blend with the natural setting and be versatile enough to accommodate the needs of summer as well as winter congregations.  Construction began in 1966 and the first service was held in our present building on July 2, 1967. In 2009, the sanctuary was modified to improve upon the orignal purpose of blending with the natural setting by replacing the wooden altar wall with a wall of glass.  This modification allows the parishioners to experience the service and the seasons in a natural setting while still protected from the elements.

The focus of Transfiguration is broad and contains programs for all age groups, particularly our youth and seniors.  Our purpose is to assure the continuing support for the changing needs of our congregation and of the larger community. 

We are also located in an active summer and winter sports area, so we welcome visitors as well as many summer residents who view Transfiguration as their vacation or seasonal parish.

In January 2003, Jubilate Childcare facility was opened in the undercroft of the church and was so successful that by 2005 they had outgrown the space available. In 2006, the Vestry of Transfiguration along with the support of the parish provided Jubilate Childcare with a dedicated  nondenominational childcare facility located adjacent to the church.

One of the ways we utilize the grounds we are blessed to have is with a small, intimate Church Cemetary where in 2011, a Columbarium with 16 single niches and 8 double niches was added. We have a 1.5 mile walking trail that winds through our 21 acre forested grounds with natural features of the forest identified along the trail and located between the front entrance of the church and the parking lot we have a meditation Labyrinth.

The men of the parish gather at 9:00am Thursday mornings for breakfast at various restaurants in the area and the women of the parish have an active charter of the Daughters of the King.

The third Wednesday of each month, Transfiguration Church welcomes area seniors to join us for lunch in our Garden Room on the lower level of the church.  Generally the meal consists of soup, sandwiches and dessert with a more elaborate menu on special occasions.  We are often able to add entertainment and door prizes.  The meals are free, but donations are accepted on behalf of Jubilate Childcare.

Transfiguration Church is fortunate to have a talented choir which provides music for most services.  Choir practice is Wednesday at 4:00pm and Sunday at 9:30am.  We welcome all who desire to sing, experienced or not.

The community of Indian River has grown considerably since the days of the trailer and Transfiguration has grown with it.  Church attendance is strong on a year-round basis.

Transfiguration exists to be a tolerant, loving family in which all can grow in Christ through worship, scripture, education, fellowship and prayer. We spread the word of God and demonstrate Christ's love in our community and work cooperatively toward common goals as faithful stewards of God's gifts to us.


8119 West M 68
Indian River, MI 49749
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