Trinity Episcopal Church, New Haven, CT

Contact Information

The Rev. Dr. Luk De Volder ~ Rector

About Us: 
Founded in 1752, we are an historical parish in the heart of downtown New Haven, but we are also a living and vibrant community that is connected to an even wider community. Our community draws from downtown New Haven and largely from the surrounding suburbs.

We are a diverse parish that strives to welcome all people into our community of faith. Our diverse backgrounds, ethnicity and ages all draw us together into a community centered on God’s radical love.

We are a congregation filled with joy, and we share that joy with others. We also share each others' sorrows and difficult times.

We are made up of people who are longtime Episcopalians and those new to the Christian faith. We are a community of single people, partnered/married people and families.

Wherever you are in your journey, we invite you to join us. We invite you to be open to the possibility that God loves you and created you for a purpose, and that you might discover that purpose here with us.


Parish Office
950 Chapel Street, 2nd Floor
New Haven, CT 06510
United States