Lesson Plans That Work: Second Sunday of Easter

Lesson Plans That Work: Second Sunday of Easter

April 21, 2014
Lifelong Formation

lptwWe are currently in Easter, Year A. For the Easter Season, readings from the Acts of the Apostles take the place of Old Testament Readings.

Gospel Lesson: Believing In Order to See
Scripture: John 20:19-31

“Are we next?” In fear the disciples huddled behind closed doors. As they pray, Jesus is right there with them, empowering and commissioning them. Jesus honors Thomas’ need for authentication. At the same time, Jesus reaches out to us across the millennia: “Blessed are they who have not seen and yet believe.”

Acts of the Apostles: Knowing Christ
Scripture: Acts 2:14a, 22-32

The apostles had been hiding out in the upper room where the last supper with Jesus had occurred. Since the crucifixion they were fearful that the Romans might also arrest and kill them for being followers of Jesus. Jesus had told them to remain in the city of Jerusalem until they received the power of His Holy Spirit. Fifty days after Easter was the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit entered the room and filled each apostle with power and boldness. In this passage Peter has gone out into the streets of Jerusalem to preach the message of the Resurrect ion. Peter compares Jesus to David, but states that David was only a prophet. Jesus, being God could not be contained by death. Peter testifies that he and all the apostles are witnesses to this.

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