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I am struggling to discern the difference between following Christ and being a part of "Christian Culture."
- Gillian
Please Together, let us pray daily and earnestly for the liberation and healing of the souls of Denise, Fátima Rodrigues, Alex Lima, Kathryn Ryan and Jennifer.
- Rob Lima
please pray for me that im disabled & not able to work cause of the Chronic pain is so bad...My rent is past due and im about get kicked out of where im Living.
- Donna I
My name is Dwi. Pls pray me without ceasing. I need many prayers & miracles.
- Dwi
Dear Heavenly Father, please put your armor around my child to protect him from himself
- CB for BMB
Prayer request for my son to find employment and a not have all utilities disconnected this next week. That he will find housing,the ability to.
- Michele
Please pray for Carol A. successful recovery from knee surgery. Also please pray for her husband Steve (who suffers from bipolar illness) that he seek help.
- Janie K
For the mass exodus of Roman Catholics to be welcomed into the Episcopal Churches.
- John
Prayer warriors please pray against the structure next to my home that has caused my family and I countless legal battles and stress, this structure is also and
- Anonymous