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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please bless my family and help us with difficult issues that we are trying to deal with now.
- Mary M
Dear lord, I pray I can move and hope my baby is well, I hope you I can have better faith, I hope I can get my car handled, I hope everything in life works in your favor.
Healing prayers for Becky
- Nancy Y
Dear God, Please help us as Episcopalians play a more in-depth role in empowering acts of peace in our families, our communities, our nation and our world. More people need to hear the Anglican message of Your love, mercy and grace. Teach us to intervene in situations of tension and anger with those same responses.
- Shirley W
For relief from feelings of self-doubt in Your love O LORD, for the habit of spending when I should be saving. In Jesus name, I pray.
- Richard M
A prayer for Anne and Lucy. May they continue to grow strong.
- andrew
I have a very serious mental illness I pray god watches over me
- jason bass
I pray that my child will be accepted into a good university and that she will continue to have God's favor on her life. Amen Amen
- Carolyn J.
I pray for my daughter, grandson and her unborn baby. She is lost and in a nightmare life. Help her to return to your loving arms Lord, for her own life and the lives of her sweet babies. Help her find your way.
- Leslie D