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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please, pray that I may finally find my way towards the right religion.
- Thomas M.
Heavenly Father, I come to you in intense pain. My Crohn's Disease has once again taken my peace away, and I cringe in pain more often than not. I need your strength, and I need the strength of any that are willing to send their prayers my waya.
- Andy C.
Please pray for my son, Benjamin. He struggles with keeping a job. He is 29 and still lives at home. He also struggles with depression and OCD. Thank you friends.
- Mary C.
I ask your prayers for a successful surgery and for swift healing for George.
- Joan P.
Please lift up my children in prayer so that they may be strong in faith and love thru Christ Jesus. I also pray for my granddaughter and her health and happiness .
- Matt H
Heavenly Father, I am so tired of being alone. I know it is your will when we meet our partner. As I've grown older, I missed out on having children and now I fear of dying alone. Please guide me to my forever partner.
- cheryl a
For the wisdom and will to address climate change, Lord, hear our prayer.
- Nancy W.
Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters who face terrible persecution in various parts of the world. May they be comforted by the abiding love of Christ and may we do our part to help them.
- Dan E.
Please pray for Gordon as he interviews for a new job and career. Pray that God gives him guidance and courage to move forward in God's plan for his life.
- Denise