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Years ago, while preparing to enter seminary, I lost my faith and I never went. After years living as a depressed and bitter Atheist, I pray I find it again. Abba, help my unbelief.
- M.
That my husband finds faith in the Lord and that the Lord will assist him with his depression issues.
- Brenda F
Father, I pray for healing for my migraines as my husband and I start this journey to have a family. I pray that you continue to be with us and show each of us how we can be closer to you.
- Jennifer S.
Thank you for the many blessings you've given me. Please forgive my sins of omission and commission. Help me overcome my resentful attitude. Please help the people of the Philippines and Vietnam including my sponsored girls and their families.
- Linda L.
Please pray for all the people posting prayers on this page and that they are heard and blessed. My heart goes out to them. please help me be guided in my faith by God and Jesus Christ.
- Duncan.H.
Please pray that in December of this year that I will still be considered disabled according to the Social Security rules. Thanks.
- Ann H.
I pray for my children and ex-wife. Only God knows how to heal the pain and suffering of divorce. Please help and allow us to experience God's love, forgiveness and healing. Please forgive me of my sins and the hurt I have caused.
- Eugene S.
Father in heaven, please welcome Jan H with open arms. Please comfort her husband, family and friends.
- Janie K.
I pray that I will be able to heal from toxic shame and overcome the anxiety and depression which resulted from it over the years. I pray I will feel more comfortable in my own skin and confident to lead my life authentically.
- Jennifer H.