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For the soul of Michele R. Lord have mercy, amen
- Rob
Please keep in your prayers my daugher, Angelee and Sarah, for yours health.
- Jorge Rosa
Almighty God, Please deliver Brittany C. from all the evil that surrounds her, near her or within her. Please release the demons that possess her.
- Sylvia Cullum
For Carl whose prognosis is disappointing: Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.
- DW
Loving God, in your mercy hear our prayer for Mark-Dylan who is homeless. You know all of his needs. Provide him with the resources he needs to thrive. Amen.
- Travis Baldwin
Jesus' statement that "...My house is a house of prayer ..." make it obvious that any/all problems with His church revolve around not/misunderstanding prayer.
- anonymous
Awesome God give vanessa the strength to stay on the straight and narrow that she might accomplish the tasks before her. Amen
- Vanessa Flores
Merciful God allow me to shine for your love and light that I may bring a knowledge of you to all I interact with. In this free me from myself
- Kristie scott
God in all your Great mercy bring Sara the peace that surpasses all understanding let her heart to opened let the k knowledge of your love guide her. Amen
- Sara olsen