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I ask for heavenly discernment for joining the Episcopal Church.
- Mary H
Kindly pray 4 my Job change, debts to be cleared, parents health i hav a job but due expenses incurred towards medical bills of parents and kids school fee
- Anand Kumar
Struggling to continue to have faith as I battle depression and past hurts. Please pray that God would fully heal and restore me.
- Paul
Please pray that Ashton finds a place to live soon so that he is no longer homeless.
- Bridget L.
Please pray for my son to find suitable employment, and for my anxiety over the issue to calm down.
- Cathy
Can you pray that I will receive the light, wisdom, and truth of God to write my books, that my brain injury will be healed and I not go blind, and that I recei
- Magdalena Lovejoy
For a good school year for students, parents and staff. For an end to this low period, and for guidance.
- Rosie
Please pray for me as I’m between jobs and struggling financially. Please pray for my family as well that we all my find peace.
- T
Please pray for Holy Spirit to take control, help me be more disciplined, to say NO to electronics, to have good sleep.Protection during my grueling 3 week trip
- Vlado A