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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Please pray that I find a way to keep my family moving forward together in Christ's love.
- David
Please pray for God’s blessing of provision for Casey that he find a house that he can afford so that his daughters can visit and that he finds peace and joy in our new journey together. Pray God help us regard each other with gentleness, love, honor, compassion and trust. Pray as we build an indestructible foundation of marriage that we keep focus on God’s protection, provision and guidance, bringing two together as one.
- Angela S.
Pray that my wife and sons find strength and peace as we battle my terminal illness.
- Scott M.
Please pray for my healing.
- DM
Healing for my husband from his illness. Please God help me be peaceful, kind and patient with all aspects of life.
- Allie S.
Please pray that Georgia's eye gets good real soon. It keeps watering and she is happy.
- Aaron,Sam
Please pray that I will receive good medical lab reports.
- Clara H
Dear Heavenly Mother: Please help me to continue to be grateful for all of your manifold blessings not be resentful or ungrateful of things I don't have
- Mark
Please pray for Matthew who is trying to find his way in life and is going through a truly difficult time right now. Help him to focus and make right decisions. Help both he and his mother Rhonda find a way to communicate. They love each other dearly but are finding it difficult to communicate. Let Matthew begin to hope his heart and mind to those who are willing to help and guide him the right direction and help him find his way in life not just when times are difficult but looking ahead to better days.
- Aj