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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
I pray that God gives me the strength and will to be the the man I want to be and that I make him proud.
- Jeremy Owens
I had my fourth interview today for a job I really need.
- Joseph
Cause the magic of transformation is when you understand what you already know UNIVERSAL LOVE DAY
- solomon's sophmore
I pray that this challenging period is over and that I have learned the lessons that God has wanted me to learn. I thank God for his loving kindness and protection
- Erica P
Please pray for immediate mutual peace, forgiveness and patience in my relationship with Casey. Please pray we forgive past hurts and come together in unconditional love and compassion, closer than ever before. Please pray we continue to build an indestructible foundation of gentleness, love, honor, compassion, loyalty and trust for marriage, moving forward with joy, peace and love.
- Angela Sivley
Please prayer that I will be alright with moving to another city tomorrow. I will be gone from everyone, but, I want to be okay with that.
- Layla M.
Please pray for me. I lied and then told the truth on my own accord. The consequences may be great. I seek courage and strength to endure and mercy and forgiveness to continue. MN
- mk
I pray to God that the Episcopal Church service return to longer Sunday sermons v. the current format of brief homily. I am deeply aware of the need for theological education in the Church. Too many secular, ignorant choices are being made (ex.: same sex marriage rite) in what is supposed to be, and maintain, a holy environment. What is truly holy excludes the common and secular. Can we all handle this for just one hour a week? Jesus asked his disciple "Could you not watch one hour?"
- Anonymous
May my mom not die of her 82 tumors and God bless.
- Jacob b.