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For the mass exodus of Roman Catholics to be welcomed into the Episcopal Churches.
- John
Prayer warriors please pray against the structure next to my home that has caused my family and I countless legal battles and stress, this structure is also and
- Anonymous
Please pray for a happy and blessed New Year for my mother Tommye, who has always been there for me even when I didn’t deserve it.
- Blain
My difficulty adjusting to new rector as 30+yrs traditions go;I was harmed month ago as loss of institutional memory harmed me by illegal pesticide spraying⛪️
- Kathleen B.
I pray for all LGBTQIA-identifying people like myself, who come oppressive churches, to find their right church for worshipping God.
- Josh
Please pray that my husband and I will be able to overcome fertility challenges to conceive a second child and that we will above all surrender to God's will.
- Jane A
Please pray for my wife and I that God will bring healing to our marriage.
- Anonymous
Praying for a special person to find peace with those at her workplace, and that the best outcome is reached so that she may share her gifts with the world.
- Allan
Please pray that the Lord will have mercy on Michele and Glen and Roland and give us relief from the rituals practiced against all of us by Them.
- Rob