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i am so discouraged. Financial problems, work stress, grief and loneliness. i pray to feel a renewed sense of God in Christ within me and beside me as I face these challenges in 2016. I don't know if things will get "better" this year, but when I feel the Presence very near me I know I am not doing this all alone.
- Adrien W.
For an end to alcohol abuse and sexual addiction. Let us pray to the LORD.
- Richard
Oh God, may you richly bless and empower the Episcopal Church in Christ Jesus this year. Lord enrich her Bishops, Priest and Congregations all across this nation as they preside and offer their gifts and talents in ministry. May we be a Resurrection People prepared to connect with those hurting and suffering. Use and mold us as Christ Followers to transform lives all across this nation and in this world. Heavenly Father, may we be conducive in giving people a real picture of who we truly are, one small part in the Body of Christ as we share the Good News through our words, actions and deeds. May the world see in us this year, a ray of Hope that is Empowered by Gods Grace. Lord Christ may we be humble in your presence, acknowledging all our shortcomings and faults. Heal us where there is division, give us compassion where there is judgement and hatred, grant us wisdom where there is ignorance and forgive us when there is pride. Give us O God the spirit of forgiveness as others seek to hurt us. May we be practical, yet loving and intentional in our faith. Let us never forget that it is your grace that sustains us throughout our own lives. May the Holy Spirit lead us forward on our journey of hope...this season. Lord help us to transform lives, connect with the broken and offer love to the lost this new year. Heavenly Father, on behalf of Christ and the Church, make us instruments of your peace. Lord in your loving embrace, bless this prayer for the Epicopal Church and her people. In Christ Rev. Kevin Compston Chaplain(Captain) U.S. Army Reserve Retired A brother from the Methodist Tradition who is looking to transfer with his family into the Episcopal Church.
- Kevin Compston
Most Holy Father - I am asking for Your intercession with respect to a cancer screening test I am having on January 5th. I am terrified beyond words, and I need Your strength to help me through this time and whatever the results may be. I humbly pray for Your help Heavenly Father. Amen.
- Andrea B.
Please pray God’s hand swiftly intercedes in my relationship with Casey that our turmoil immediately turn to an indestructible foundation of unconditional love, trust, hope, forgiveness and truth bringing us closer than ever. Pray God give Casey peace of mind and a steady spirit as he takes the necessary steps to salvage our love and relationship. Pray we cling to one another through this storm with gentle love, patience and understanding victoriously emerging stronger and closer, building our unshakable foundation and future together with God’s help.
- Angela Sivley
Thank God for being your Messiah, for teaching and delivering and guiding you throughout your life, and for putting you on, and keeping you on, His holy path.
- Betty
For guidance and perseverance during very difficult times at work.
- GB
Prayers for Shauna in Dallas, please. She lost her home and everything in one of the tornadoes last Saturday.
- Karla
Please God heal Sue who has breast cancer.
- Elizabeth H.