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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Prayers ascending for dearest Cheryl who is deeply in grief for the loss of her dearest son Luke who died of cancer whilst living in Japan. Please give Cheryl loving hugs and blessings.
- Annonymous
Pray for God's peace for Jerusalem and for Israel -- and for all of the Holy Land. Pray that people are theologically prepared to stand before the Lord at his Second Coming. Pray that people model themselves after Christ and his Apostles and Prophets in ways that are realistically possible. Pray that all ordained be successful in what God has called them to do for His holy purpose, Word, will and way. Pray for monastics. God bless!
- Betty B
Pray for a full recovery for Bishop Curry. Surround him with your love and our prayers. Pray for Bishop Curry's family, friends, coworkers and all of his flock.
- Katherine K.
Praying for Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. God, Grant him complete healing and a full recovery.
- Canon W
Praying for Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. May God embrace him with His healing power, and grant him full recovery.
- Shirley W
prayers for an apartment or house; anna and jacob. Job for dustin hagadon and to successfully graduate his commitment to the state.
- crystal gardner
Surrounding Bishop Michael Curry with our prayers.
- The Episcopal Community
Prayers and healing thoughts go up for Bishop Curry along with prayers for strength and comfort for his family.
- Lela C.
Bishop Curry. You are always in our hearts and prayers daily for you to do God's work and this is just a side step. I am sure you are ministering from your bed too! God's got you.
- Tamara Gregory-Shepherds Table Soup Kitchen