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The prayers on this page are also being prayed by The Episcopal Community
Offering a prayer for Bishop Michael Curry as he heals from his subdural hematoma. I've had that before, with the word-finding difficulties, and it's amazing how everything can heal just fine. Hang in there, Michael - all will be well. Many prayers sent up for you!
- Michelle C.
Please pray for my son to pass his classes and for my daughter to move forward with her life choices. Thank you
- Lillian S
Our dear friend, Barbara P., passed this evening. Please offer prayers of comfort to her husband of 71 years and their children and grandchildren.
- Janie K
Please pray for accepting forgiveness into my heart. Amen.
- Laura P.
Please help me find a way to be baptized.
- David M
Praying for Ginger. Her faith is strong and so is she. Our thoughts and prayers are with. Good thoughts.
- Linda & David
Please pray for the body of Christ -- its increase in enlightenment, faith and unity. Pray that it follows only the teachings of Christ and not secular ideas not upheld by Biblical teaching.
- Betty B.
Please offer prayers for healing and comfort for Barbara P. She is fighting to recover from spinal surgery and now has pneumonia and heart failure. Please keep Barbara and her husband (married 71 years) and family in prayer.
- Jane K.
prayers for new job systex and new apartment for anna and jacob also robert
- crystal hankinson