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Please, God, help me get over a broken heart. I am so tired. Pls give me good friends.
- Goodnight JRN
I stutter when I am tired and scared. I miss you Mama, I miss you R. God, please forgive your daughter of all her sins— Help me to heal, I’m so tired. Thank you
Please help my coworker L have a good outcome from his surgery. Please let his pain and illness be healed.
God, please help me. I am so physically tired. I am so tired, God. I am always the mule for my family and workplace. Please help me have a better life.
I am in desperate need of a job so I can keep my home & animals. Please pray that I am called for interviews and get a great job. Needed before the end of Feb
- Cate C
I lift up a good father and mother as they deal with their son's illness. Lord give them courage, patience and understanding through this hard journey. Amen
- Daniel
I've recently learned that my husband is having an affair and considering leaving me and our children. Please pray for healing for our marriage and family.
- Jerrilynn V
sorry to ask you again THANKS FOR YOUR HELP please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success also pray god for oksana, kiev
- ludovic sarraz-bournet
Please pray for me to find work. I have 2 children to support and have been out of work for over 7 months. Please help me find employment. Thank you
- Sharon