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I'm deciding to go back to school but there are some factors that are hindering me and procrastination. Please lift that to God in you prayers. I pray for discernment and guidance.
- Duane L
Please pray for my nice Juliana who is a drug addict.
- L.S
Please pray for Church of the Advent LA. A gang-initiation execution occurred in front of the parish hall.
- Sylvia C
Could you please pray for baby Emily and her mother Kimberly? Both have a serious infectious disease and desperately need your prayers. Thank you!
- Nancy J.
My husband passed away one month ago yesterday and I found out yesterday I will not have a job in the near future due to downsizing or closure. Please pray on my behalf for peace and doors to open. Thank you.
- Diane
Please pray for my brother Ed who is very ill in the ICU.
- C.C.
Please pray for Andrew who is having to face serious illness and the very real prospect of losing his home. He is so desperately worried. We pray for security in in his housing accommodation, for healing and peace of mind at this time of great anxiety and distress. Thank you.
- Andrew McAlister
Please pray for my daughter Valerie as she takes on a new life journey.
- Mom B
Please pray for my cousin who is fighting a rare liver disease. His situation is grave and he needs all the prays he can get right away.
- Lindsey B.