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The Parochial Report is the oldest, continuous gathering of data by The Episcopal Church. By tradition and canon, the reporting requirements are developed by the House of Deputies’ Committee on the State of the Church, using a form approved by the church’s Executive Council. Seen as an annual rite of passage throughout The Episcopal Church, and overseen by the Executive Officer of General Convention, the Parochial Report touches every congregation of the church. Together with other data, including that of the Recorder of Ordinations and the Registrar of General Convention, the Parochial Report provides an insight to the state of the church.

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Study Your Neighborhood

In order to know who you are, you need to examine where you are and where you have been.

Looking at the social and demographic characteristics of the local community sheds light on the people to which we hope to minister. Looking at trends in membership, average worship attendance, and financial giving sheds light on congregational strength and whether current patterns indicate growth, decline or stability.

The main application will allow you to locate your congregation. After clicking the congregation, a small box will appear showing quick stats and links to explore trends with Parochial Report data and Explore Neighborhood with demographic data.

“Explore Trends” track membership, participation, and giving over the most recently available eleven years for your congregation and your diocese. These data are from annual Parochial Reports. “Explore Neighborhood” gives you a demographic overview of the area within a 15 minute driving distance of your congregation’s physical location.

Feel free to explore the data available at your fingertips and let us know if you have any questions.

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·  Know your Neighborhood (Main Application)

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