Resources for Racial Reconciliation and Justice

Resources for Racial Reconciliation and Justice

Members of the Presiding Bishop’s staff have curated this list of resources for racial justice and reconciliation. This is by no means exhaustive; however, we are aware that many leaders are hoping to deepen their learning, and these resources should help you to move in the right direction.

Presiding Bishop’s Staff Members Focused on Racial Reconciliation and Justice

Heidi J. Kim, Officer for Racial Reconciliation
Charles "Chuck" Wynder, Jr., Officer for Social Justice and Advocacy Engagement
Stephanie Spellers, Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Evangelism and Reconciliation

Becoming Beloved Community: Vision, Plan and Resources

Becoming Beloved Community represents not so much a set of programs as a journey, a set of interrelated commitments around which Episcopalians may organize our many efforts to respond to racial injustice and grow a community of reconcilers, justice-makers, and healers. 

Racial Reconciliation Logo

Heidi Kim, Missioner for Racial Reconciliation