Roanridge Trust

Roanridge was a working farm in Missouri donated by the Cochel family to The Episcopal Church to provide a unique setting in which Episcopal clergy, seminarians, and lay people could develop an understanding of farming operations and rural community structure. Through educational programs such as conferences, seminars, and institutes, the non-profit corporation that managed Roanridge sought to help Episcopal clergy and laity better serve communities in rural and small-town America. The farm was eventually sold, and the Roanridge Trust was established.

The interest generated from the Roanridge Trust is specifically to be used for the training of town and country clergy and rural Christian workers of The Episcopal Church. Each year the Roanridge Trust generates approximately $160,000 to be distributed in grants.

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All completed applications must be received no later than December 13, 2019.

CONTACT: The Rev. Dr. Molly James, Deputy Executive Officer of General Convention