The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle

Bishop of Texas

My six word Autobiography is: Met Jesus on Pilgrimage, still walking.
This 11 year old didn't know what to expect when he agreed to spend nine days walking 168 miles across Mexico from San Miguel de Allende to San juan de Los Agos with his father. Having grown up as a High Church Anglo-Catholic in the Diocese of Texas, this pilgrimage was a new faith experience.

Pilgrimages are full body prayer journeys: walking, seeing, singing, praying, sensing, and eating. My immersion in the culture opened my eyes to see the diversity of God’s people. It also made firm my commitment to serve the poor and the stranger, as they had served me.

Walking with my dad shaped my fatherhood. Logging hours, miles and days on the road as bishop, requires attentive planning to assure that JoAnne and I provide a stable family, community and church life for our children Caisa and Zoë.

As a child, I met Jesus. He is the same Jesus who lights my path today when I walk into a valley and out the other side. Throughout my 20+ years of diverse ministry in this diocese Christ has walked by my side. He guides my every step today.

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