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A Journey with Luke
Join the journey with Luke with fifty days of scripture readings, meditations, and prayers written by dynamic spiritual leaders from around the world. A Journey with Luke is part of a series of fifty-day Bible studies and is an extension of The Bible Challenge, a global initiative to encourage daily engagement with the Word of God.

A Way of Love Companion to An Outline of the Faith
A guide that explores the Way of Love in conversation with the catechism in the Book of Common Prayer. Users explore how each of the seven practices correspond to topics like “Human Nature”, “The Christian Hope”, and “Sin and Redemption”. Created by the Rev. Drew Courtright of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Concord, N.H.

A Word to Live By
Lauren Winner introduces the story behind the Scriptures and invites readers to engage the Word of God with curiosity and confidence. Rich with content and grounded in Episcopal tradition, a combination of humor, authenticity, and rich insight is offered to explore the Bible. Each chapter offers questions useful for study groups.

Building Faith
Building Faith is published by Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary. Our mission is to equip and inspire churches and individuals for the ministry of Christian education and faith formation.

Daily Prayer
This site offers the daily selections from Forward Day by Day, a liturgical calendar, and more resources to strengthen your faith and heart.

Dwelling in the Word
This simple scripture reading practice helps readers to discern God’s call and to grow in relationship to God through the word.

Education for Ministry
Every baptized person is called to ministry. The Education for Ministry (EfM) program provides people with the education to carry out that ministry.

Experiencing Jesus Podcast
Join Bishop Mariann, Bishop of Washington, on an 8-week journey of experiencing Jesus through a rule of life known as The Way of Love. Bishop Mariann will share with you an 8 part sermon series on how experiencing Jesus through intentional spiritual practices will transform you and those around you.

Forward Day by Day Podcast
Forward Movement’s Daily Devotional, Forward Day by Day is now available in audio! Listen to hear Scripture, pray, and start your day well.

Grow Christians
Grow Christians is a ministry of Forward Movement. Together, we aim to create an online community of discipleship focused on the practical details of life at home. Gathering reflections, stories, images and recipes from diverse Episcopalians, this group blog inspires generations to come together as they celebrate the presence of God through the Christian year.

Instructions for Developing a Personal Rule of Life
The C.S. Lewis Institute offers many discipleship resources, including this process for developing your own personal Rule of Life. These instructions quote, paraphrase, and adapt Marjorie Thompson, Soul Feast, chap. 9, and Adele Ahlberg Calhoun, Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, pp. 35-39.

Journeying the Way of Love Advent Curriculum
For the season of Advent, Journeying the Way of Love offers four sessions to be explored as we await the coming of Christ by moving through the first two chapters of the Gospel of Luke. Luke’s gospel provides a pattern for understanding how we can live the Way of Love as individuals, as families and friends, as a community, and out in the world.

Joy Unspeakable: Contemplative Practices of the Black Church, 2nd ed.
The research in this book-through oral history, church records, and written accounts–details not only ways in which contemplative experience is built into African American collective worship but also the legacy of African monasticism, a history of spiritual exemplars, and unique meditative worship practices. A groundbreaking work in its original edition, Joy Unspeakable now appears in a new, revised edition to address the effects of this contemplative tradition on activism and politics and to speak to a new generation of readers and scholars.

Living the Way of Love: A 40 Day Devotional
Living the Way of Love offers forty brief reflections about the seven Jesus-centered practices of the Way of Love. Sullivan tells stories from her own and others’ experiences as a starting point for discussion about how to seek and find a deeper connection to God.

Living Well: Reading the Bible
This downloadable chapter of “Living Well: Christian Practices for Everyday Life” presents one of the essential practices for a Christian way of life: Reading the Bible. Written for adults, parents, and families to use in learning about and living Christian practices, this chapter presents an overview of what the Bible is and a variety of practical suggestions reading scripture as an integral part of everyday life.

Our Bible App
An LGBT-affirming bible app that seeks to “uplift ALL believers”

Pew Card
This pew card, designed and produced by the Diocese of Texas, provides a helpful, editable PDF template with a basic introduction to the Way of Love. Built specifically for the Easter season, it can be changed to reflect other major seasons of the Church year.

Pilgrim: The Bible
What is it, how was it given to us, and how should we read it? These six sessions combine simple prayer, Bible reflection in the lectio divina style, an article by a modern writer, and time for questions and reflection. By the end of the six sessions, it is hoped that participants will have learned how to make reading the Bible a part of everyday life, with the ability to read, pray, and listen to what God might be saying, allowing the words to change each participant.

Pilgrim: The Eucharist
How do Christians know and worship God? These six sessions reveal reasons why the Eucharist is celebrated as a memorial of Christ’s saving passion and stands at the very heart of Christian worship. Sessions include: worship as communion with God; the Eucharist as the pattern of all Christian worship; the intimacy we have with God in Holy Communion and how we are transformed by the encounter; and how worship is a sign and foretaste of heaven, shaping our whole life, and how the whole of life is sacramental.

Sermons That Work
Sermons That Work, a ministry of The Episcopal Church’s Office of Communication, offers a free weekly sermon, Bible study, and bulletin insert for congregations and individuals.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Basking Ridge: Way of Love Course
In this series of videos produced by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Basking Ridge, Diocese of New Jersey, Fr. Rick Morley gives a reflection on each of the seven practices of the Way of Love. These videos are perfect for individual or small group listening.

The Biblical Wild
The Biblical Wild is an interactive bible study for individuals, small groups, neighborhoods, and congregations where we will journey into the wilds of Holy Scripture through daily readings of the Old Testament and Psalms and weekly video reflections presented by the Rt. Rev. Todd Ousley, who served as the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan.

The Church Awakens: African Americans and the Struggle for Justice
This website is a compilation fo resources and stories of the history of The Episcopal Church and its action (or inaction) on issues of justice for African Americans. An important historical overview of those who have come before us as their experiences still hold deep truths.

The Path: A Journey through the Bible
The Path is the story of the Bible, excerpted from the New Revised Standard Version so that it is clear and easy to read. With informative trail signs to help you see how each piece of the narrative fits together, The Path is an experience unlike any other: an amazing 360-degree overview of the vast, sweeping story of God’s extraordinary love for ordinary people. Join us on this epic adventure, a journey through the Bible to grow closer to God.

The Rule of the Society of St. John the Evangelist
Chapters 2, 4, 5 reckon honestly and faithfully with life in community. Chapters 31 and 32 focus on the spirituality of mission and service. Chapters 42, 43, 34 focus on friendship and hospitality.
​​​​​​​Note that chapters 16-18 and 28 are especially useful for enriching worship life.
Note that chapters 19, 20 and 41 are especially rich for contemplating scripture, preaching and maturing the mind in Christ.
Note that chapters 21-25 are especially rich for those exploring the life of prayer.

The Way of Love for the Easter Season 2020
This calendar for the Easter season, created by Sue Van Oss of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Duluth, Minnesota, offers a practice for each of the Great 50 Days.

The Way of Love in Conversation with the Catechism
This resource, created by the Rev. Drew Courtright of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Concord, Episcopal Church in New Hampshire, explores the relationship between the Way of Love and the catechism found in the Book of Common Prayer. It is built around eight sessions of around an hour each – one session for each practice as well as an overview. This resource is especially pertinent in preparing for confirmation, reception, or reaffirmation.

The Way of Love Poster Pack
This set of downloadable posters from the inimitable Jay Sidebotham feature images in full color as well as black and white (suitable for coloring). Text is in both Spanish and English. All images are scalable for use as anything from postcards to posters.

The Way of Love with Bishop Michael Curry
Join Bishop Michael Curry of The Episcopal Church as he guides us along the Way of Love. This season, hosts Kyle Oliver and Sandy Milien talk with Bishop Curry and others committed to growing in love by turning, learning, praying, worshipping, blessing, going, and resting. Subscribe now and listen wherever you get your podcasts.

The Way of Love: An Intergenerational Gathering
As a means to introduce The Way of Love to children and families (including grandparents), the following download offers a 90-minute session to engage all ages in learning about the seven practices that Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has called the Episcopal Church to follow in our daily life.

The Way of Love: Learn
By reading and reflecting on scripture, especially the life and teachings of Jesus, we draw near to God and God’s word dwells in us. When we open our minds and hearts to scripture, we learn to see God’s story and God’s activity in everyday life. 

The Word Is Very Near You: A Guide to Praying with Scripture
Ideal for groups engaged in Bible study, prayer and discernment.

Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices
Walk through the liturgical year, the sacraments of the church, habits of daily prayer, and the teachings of Anglican Christianity. See how our prayer shapes our belief and our lives and how our beliefs lead us into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Walk in Love is the companion book to a free curriculum from Forward Movement called Practicing Our Faith, part of the Living Discipleship series.

Walking the Way of Love: A Journey through the Baptismal Covenant
As Episcopalians, we have committed to the five promises of the Baptismal Covenant and many have embraced The Way of Love. But what does that look like applied in real life? Prepared by our friends at Cristosal, this study reviews the promises of the Baptismal Covenant, the steps of the Way of Love, and offers tools from human rights work to answer this question. Together, participants will discuss, share, and learn from one another. By applying these principles as volunteers, professionals, and faith communities, we can live out our call as disciples of Christ.

Walking Together in the Way of Love
This podcast, produced by the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania, features interviews about the seven practices of the Way of Love by Bishop Audrey Scanlan. Listen for fascinating stories and insights from the bishop and people of this dynamic diocese.

Way of Discipleship Workshops
A Way of Love Small Group Curriculum from St. David’s Episcopal Church in Austin, Diocese of Texas.

Way of Love Bingo Cards
From the Rev. Furman Buchanan of St. Peter’s, Greenville, S.C.: “Although this resource could be used by anyone on their own, it might work best as part of a parish or other community activity. At my parish, we plan to invite people to participate in building some Holy Habits in this time of separation in accord with the Way of Love–turning from old norms, praying, worshipping, learning, serving, being generous, and resting.

We are asking people who achieve a full line (BINGO) to take a picture of their card and send in their name to be entered into a drawing. Each week we will select 3 or 4 winners of a small gift certificate at a local business as a way of supporting small local businesses in the process!”

Way of Love Introduction Booklet
The Way of Love Introductory resource resized for a 5.5″ x 8.5″ booklet, made by the Rev. Lise Hildebrandt.

Way of Love Journal – Convention Booklet
This convention booklet from the Diocese of Michigan includes worksheets and personal reflection spaces based around the practices of the Way of Love.

Way of Love Video Personal Spirituality Videos
A series of personal spirituality videos based around reflections on the Way of Love. Produced by the Rev. Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, these short videos are updated daily and are perfect for use on the go or at home.

Way of Love Practices

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