What do you Seek?

Early in his ministry, Jesus of Nazareth was surrounded by crowds. He turned and asked, “What do you seek?” (John 1:38). For more than a thousand years, monastics have greeted pilgrims knocking on their doors by asking: “What do you seek?”

Today, each of us can pause with the same question. As much as the world has changed, the fundamental human hopes and yearnings that draw us to faith may not be so different. For many …

We seek love
To know God’s love, to love and be loved by others, and to love ourselves.

We seek freedom
From the many forces - sin, fear, oppression, and division - that pull us from living as God created us to be: dignified, whole, and free.

We seek abundant life 
Overflowing with joy, peace, generosity, and delight. Where there is enough for all because we all share with abandon. A life of meaning, given back to God and lived for others.

We seek Jesus
The Way of Jesus is the Way of Love,
and that way has the power to change lives and change the world.

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