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Archives of The Episcopal Church

The Archives of The Episcopal Church connects the church’s dynamic traditions to today’s mission and congregational life. It is an information center for The Episcopal Church that supports leadership and members with resources that help clarify and educate. The Archives seeks to deepen the faith community’s understanding of its identity as an ever-evolving conversation with the past.

The Archives’ historical records are held in Austin, Texas, and it also maintains an office of Records Administration at The Episcopal Church Center in New York City. Donations are welcome from individuals and church organizations that fit within the Collection Policy of the Archives. Research inquiries from the public are also welcome and are answered in the order they are received.

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The Digital Archives is a repository of core governance records and official statements of The Episcopal Church. Resources currently include The Resolves of Council, and The Reports to Convention.

The Church Awakens: African Americans and the Struggle for Justice is an online exhibit that draws on the rich historical collections of the Afro-Anglican Archives of the General Convention.

The C056 website offers liturgical resources for the blessing of same-gender relationships, and is hosted by the Archives in collaboration with the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music.

The Anti-Racism website is a digital collection of diocesan responses to General Convention Resolutions 2006-A123 and 2009-A143 on the Church’s historical complicity in the institution of slavery.

The Archives also offers resources such as guidelines, manuals, advice, and workshops on various aspects of records and information management for dioceses, parishes, and church organizations. 


Archives of The Episcopal Church
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