Episcopal Church Structure and Organization

The Episcopal Church is governed by a bicameral General Convention, which meets every three years, and by an Executive Council during interim years. The General Convention consists of the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies.

The House of Bishops is composed of every bishop with jurisdiction (diocesan bishop), every bishop coadjutor, every suffragan bishop, every retired bishop, every bishop elected to an office created by General Convention, and every bishop who has resigned because of mission strategy – each of whom has a seat and vote. The House may also elect collegial members who are admitted with seat and voice, but no vote. Collegial members are bishops in the Anglican Communion who serve extra-provincial dioceses.
The House of Deputies is composed of up to four lay and four clerical deputies from each of the jurisdictions, domestic and overseas, elected in the manner determined by each jurisdiction.
It is traditional for the House of Bishops to meet at least annually in interim sessions between General Conventions, when its agenda is limited by the Constitution and Canons to matters affecting the general state of the church and meeting the needs of contemporary society. When meeting in interim session, it does not have legislative power to initiate or amend programs approved by the two houses meeting as General Convention.
When the two houses meet concurrently in General Convention, legislation is enacted, church policy and programs are approved, and a budget for the next triennium is adopted.
The official Committees, Commissions, Agencies and Boards (CCABs) of the Episcopal Church are:
Agenda Committee of Executive Council
Board Development (GAM)
Board for Transition Ministry
Board of the Archives of the Episcopal Church
Budgetary Funding Task Force
Constable Fund Grant Management (GAM)
Court for the Trial of a Bishop
Court of Review for the Trial of a Bishop
D004 Task Force on Older Adult Ministries
Disciplinary Board for Bishops
EC of JSC on Planning and Arrangements
Episcopal News Service Advisory Committee
Executive Council Constable Grant Review Committee
Executive Council Joint Standing Committee on Finances for Mission
Executive Council Archives Strategy Committee
Executive Council Committee on Anti-Racism
Executive Council Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility
Executive Council Committee on Indigenous Ministries
Executive Council Committee on Science, Technology and Faith
Executive Council Committee on Strategic Planning
Executive Council Committee on the Status of Women
Executive Council D020 Task Force
Executive Council Economic Justice Loan Committee
Executive Council Executive Committee
Executive Council Investment Committee
Executive Council Joint Standing Committee on Governance and Administration for Mission
Executive Council Jubilee Ministries Advisory Committee
Executive Council Standing Committee on Advocacy and Networking
Executive Council Standing Committee on HIV/AIDS
Executive Council Standing Committee on Local Ministry and Mission
Executive Council Standing Committee on World Mission
FFM SubCommittee on Finances
GAM 009 Consultation
GAM-005 (GAM)
General Board of Examining Chaplains
Governance & Policies (GAM)
House of Bishops
House of Bishops Committee on Pastoral Development
House of Bishops Committee on Religious Communities
House of Bishops Committee on Theology
House of Bishops Planning Committee
House of Bishops Spouses' Planning Group
House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church
House of Deputies Study Committee on Church Governance and Polity
INC 055 Task Force (UTO)
Joint Audit Committee of the Executive Council and the DFMS
Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop
Joint Standing Committee on Nominations
Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangements
Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance
Presiding Bishop's Council of Advice
SCLM Chairs of Task Forces on C056
SCLM Task Force - Animal Rites Group
SCLM Task Force - Canonical and Legal Considerations
SCLM Task Force - Creation Season Group
SCLM Task Force - Joint Creation/Animal/Science Discussion Group
SCLM Task Force - Liturgical Resources
SCLM Task Force - Pastoral and Teaching Resources
SCLM Task Force - Theological Resources
Standing Commission for Small Congregations
Standing Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns
Standing Commission on Communication and Information Technology
Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons
Standing Commission on Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations
Standing Commission on Health
Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian Formation and Education
Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music
Standing Commission on Ministry Development
Standing Commission on Social Justice and Public Policy
Standing Commission on Stewardship and Development
Standing Commission on the Mission and Evangelism of The Episcopal Church
Standing Commission on the Structure of the Church
Standing Commission on World Mission
Strategic Partnerships (SC on World Mission)
Task Force on B014
Title IV Review Committee
Title IV Task Force II - Education