Church of the Advent, Chicago, IL

Contact Information

The Rev. Clayton L. Thomason, JD, MDiv , Assisting Clergy

The Rev. Shane Patrick Gormley, MDiv, Assisting Clergy

About Us: 

We know the sad truth that sometimes churches which announce “All are welcome” really mean “All are welcome, as long as you look like us… think like us... talk like us... and obey our rules.” The Advent Community decided that we can’t be like that. Many of us have even experienced that same painful rejection, based on who we love or what clothes we wear or the questions we have about God. Many of us have experienced “church” as boring, meaningless or simplistic, and at points in our life have walked away from it for years or decades. But as we have learned more about Jesus, we have come to believe that he does not turn anyone away from his love or from his family. So that’s why we’re here, and that’s why we are committed to welcoming you, regardless of who you are.


2900 West Logan Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60647
United States