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St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Chicago, IL

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The Rev. Robert T. (Tim) Yeager, Priest-in-Charge
The Rev. Albert Mensah, Assisting
About Us: 

Liberation Theology on Chicago's Near West Side


St. Andrew's is a little church not far from Chicago's United Center.  The church building is modest in appearance from the outside, and many drive past on Washington or Warren Boulevard without realizing it is there.  But inside, it is a beautiful chapel inviting visitors to prayer and quiet reflection, with a high ceiling, tall windows, and colorful artistic touches. Bishop Jeffrey Lee has described its look as "monastic".  Our front doors are painted bright red, the centuries-old sign for a place of sanctuary.  St. Andrew's is home to a growing community of Chicagoans who come from a variety of backgrounds and who are inspired by the teachings and example of Jesus.

The people of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church invite you to join them on Sundays at 10:40 a.m. for worship, for friendship, for building our community, and for making a better world. 

We are unapologetically pro-people, pro-public education and pro-union.


48 N. Hoyne
Chicago, IL 60612-2358
United States
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  • Worship service on "Cornerstone Day"

  • Feeding the "Marchers for Education Justice"

  • The March for Education Justice arrives at St. Andrew's.

  • The open door at St. Andrew's, painted red as a sign of sanctuary, and open in welcome to the community.

  • Singing is a vital part of our worship.

  • Exchanging the Peace of Christ.

  • Honoring our elders.

  • Worship in the Anglican tradition.