Trinity Chapel, San Diego, CA

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Nancy Holland, Director

(619) 823-8998
San Diego
About Us: 

Over the past two years Bishop Mathes has cast a vision to move our diocese from a season of internal reconciliation to becoming a diocese of vibrant and transformational work in our communities.

Creation of a dynamic diocesan center is one of the critical components of this movement.

The Episcopal Church Center, formerly known as Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, will house the Office of the Bishop.

This locale provides the ongoing meeting space for diocesan business including Standing Committee and Corporation meetings as well as private meetings with Bishop Mathes and his staff.

With planned renovations and technical improvements to be concluded in late fall 2013, the Episcopal Church Center will be a central place for gathering, learning, sharing, and serving.


2083 Sunset Cliffs Blvd
San Diego, CA 92107
United States