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Staff Directory

Ednice Baerga

Executive Assistant to the Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Ministry Within The Episcopal Church
(212) 716-6274

Thelma Pitt-Bailey

Accounting Specialist/Accounts Payable
(212) 716-6292

Suzanne Baillie

Deputy General Counsel
(212) 716-6173

The Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe

Executive Officer of the General Convention
(212) 922-5184

N. Kurt Barnes

Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
(212) 922-5296

Salmoon Bashir


Merrie Beard

Director of Operations and Administration

Betsey Bell

Executive Assistant to the Executive Officer
(212) 716-6205

Lisa Bellamy

Development Research Officer
(212) 716-6001

Asadullah Bigzad

Program Officer – Post Arrival – Quality Assurance Specialist
(800) 334-7626

Erin Birney

Program Officer, Post Arrival R&P

Rebecca Linder Blachly

Director of Office of Government Relations
(202) 547-7300

Elizabeth Boe

Mission Personnel Officer
(212) 716-6381

Jessica Botello

Program Officer – R&P Pre-Arrival
(800) 334-7626

Sila Boz

Senior Program Officer Matching Grant Post Arrival
(800) 334-7626

The Rev. Thomas Brackett

Manager, Church Planting and Redevelopment
(212) 716-6009

Svetlana Brajdic

Processing and Placement Manager
(800) 334- 7626

JoAnne Brockway

(212) 922-5366
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