AdventWord 2019: 19. Bless

December 19, 2019
Advent Reflections

“My life has been filled with multiple blessings, too many to count. Among the greatest of these blessings are the many different people with whom I have been privileged to share my path – people who have inspired me and guided me through the seasons of my life.

“The Episcopal Church was part of a transformational event for me when I was a young adult. As a freshman in college, I was selected to be a Youth Delegate to General Convention. I felt engaged, encouraged, connected, and entrusted with contributing to the future of the Church. Nobody could have envisioned that sending this young college student would have had this impact. And I feel that it is my job to help others to also have this kind of experience. I was recently involved in helping to support a young woman who wanted to attend Evento de Jóvenes Episcopales, a gathering of Episcopal youth in Panama. I told her, ‘I hope this changes your life.'” – Canon Steve Nishibayashi 

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