Armed Forces and Federal Ministries

Become a Chaplain

Are you feeling called to combine your spiritual vocation with service to others in unique and meaningful settings? Whether you’re still in seminary or already ordained, Armed Forces and Federal Ministries of The Episcopal Church offers numerous pathways to become a chaplain across various branches of the military and federal ministries. You can read some of their stories of faith and service in our blog.

For those still studying, explore the Chaplain Candidate Programs for the Air Force, Army, and Navy, where you can begin your journey alongside your theological education. If you’re ordained, opportunities abound in the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Army National Guard, where chaplains provide crucial spiritual support.

Additionally, roles in the Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Corps, Coast Guard Auxiliary Chaplain Support Program, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Federal Bureau of Prisons await those ordained persons eager to extend their pastoral care into the community and beyond.