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In Today’s Reading…, Palm Sunday (C) – 2001

April 08, 2001

In today’s reading from Isaiah, God is called Lord and Savior, “to whom every knee shall bow” (Isaiah 45:23). In the Letter to the Philippians, St. Paul applies these attributes […]

They Did Not Understand…, Proper 12 (B) – 2000

July 30, 2000

“They did not understand about the loaves.” The Gospel narrative that we heard today is the conclusion to the story that began with last Sunday’s Gospel. In that narrative, Jesus […]

Bill Was in His Late 20s…, Proper 7 (B) – 2000

June 25, 2000

Bill was in his late 20’s, a single, handsome fellow a little over six feet in height with wavy black hair and green eyes. He worked in health care as […]

What Insurance Policy Do You Have?, Epiphany 3 (B) – 2000

January 23, 2000

Recently, an ad appeared on television. It pictured the advertising media’s image of the ideal American family. The husband and wife were young and appeared successful and had two small […]

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