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We Come Today to the End…, Christ the King (B) – 1997

November 23, 1997

We come today to the end of the church year, the Last Sunday after Pentecost. Through this past year, we have traveled the course of the Gospel, marked for us by the Creed. We have stood at the stable, at the cross, in the garden of resurrection, and in the upper room as the Holy […]

The Doctrine of the Trinity…, Trinity Sunday (B) – 1997

May 25, 1997

The doctrine of the Trinity, simply stated: There is One God and this One God is three “persons,” Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The three persons of the Trinity are equally God, “co-equal and co-eternal,” we say. One is not more divine than another. One is not subordinated to any other. But God is not […]

When I Was Growing Up…, Proper 25 (A) – 1996

October 20, 1996

The sermon begins with a personal reflection. You may wish to substitute a relative or question. [The author writes: When I was growing up, one of my favorite pastime activities was to pester my younger brother, Kevin with irritating questions. One of my favorite questions to him was “Who do you like better, you or […]

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