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Bible Study: Proper 17 (C) – 2013

September 02, 2013

Jeremiah 2:4-13 This oracle of the prophet Jeremiah, popularized during the Babylonian exile, is situated about 40 years before the king of Babylon destroyed Jerusalem and sent the prominent citizens of Judah into exile in Babylon. Jeremiah was portrayed as supporting religious reforms initiated by the holy Judean king Josiah against idolatry. The Hebrew Scriptures […]

Bible Study: Easter 3 (C) – 2013

April 14, 2013

Acts 9:1-20 The blended character of the early Christian church, as a movement of both Jews and gentiles that challenged religious and social distinctions of the day, owes its existence not only to Jesus’ inclusive teachings, but largely to the work of a person who never met Jesus. The story of Saul of Tarsus in […]

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