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Let’s Get Our Priorities Straight, Proper 28 (C) – 2001

November 18, 2001

“Let’s get our priorities straight!” seems to be the message of this morning’s readings from Scripture. With the liturgical year coming to a close, the church turns its attention to the “End Times,” thus framing the Christian year with apocalyptic images. The challenge to Christians is how to incorporate the sense of urgency contained in […]

Increase Our Faith…, Proper 22 (C) – 2001

October 07, 2001

“Increase our faith!” the disciples say to Jesus in this morning’s Gospel. Jesus replies with the parable of the mustard seed (Luke 17:6). A little faith can have a huge impact. These are encouraging words to people in small congregations, small religious communities around the world, because small numbers of faithful people can make a […]

Making Space for Grace, Proper 28 (B) – 2000

November 19, 2000

The Scriptures for today call us to pay attention to what’s going on in the world around us and to develop a perspective that will help us distinguish between false messiahs and the message of Jesus. Each of us is invited to inwardly digest this biblical story and to identify similar situations or stories in […]

Today the Scriptures Confront Us…, Proper 18 (B) – 2000

September 10, 2000

Today the Scriptures confront us with the power of Jesus to heal and our obligation to be the healing hands and presence of Jesus in our world. Considering the Scriptures, each of us can perhaps identify with one of the characters or recognize ourselves in some way: deafness, inability to speak clearly, maybe a sense […]

Come Holy Spirit and Renew the Face Of the Earth, Day of Pentecost (B) – 2000

June 11, 2000

Today is Pentecost, the day we celebrate the Holy Spirit. In many ways this is a day to celebrate the surprising turns and astonishing connections that happen in the lives of men and women trying to live faithful Christian lives. God is seen today as unleashing the Good News to the world and giving specific […]

Jesus the Good Shepherd, Easter 4 (B) – 2000

May 14, 2000

Today we celebrate Jesus the Good Shepherd–and we also celebrate Mother’s Day. For me, there is an interesting coming together of images on this day: Jesus, the mother of us all, and our earthly mothers as good shepherds. Both Jesus and our mothers are anxious that we follow their lead, and I celebrate the ways […]

Walking the Way of the Cross, Palm Sunday (B) – 2000

April 16, 2000

Today we begin the observances of Holy Week: to follow the ancient narratives of Christ’s passion and death. If we study them closely we have the chance to identify our world and ourselves in this sacred story. We know how it ends, but the power of the story lies in our conscious or unconscious identification […]

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