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The People Were Ready…, Palm Sunday (C) – 1998

April 05, 1998

The people were ready for this day. They had been waiting for generation after generation, reminding themselves of God’s promise to restore them. The Romans were now in control of their land and their lives. They were waiting for the one person God would send who would lead them into a new time, a new […]

It Was A Moment in Time, Lent 1 (B) – 1997

February 16, 1997

It was a moment in time to be remembered. Those present were so impressed by what they had seen and heard that day, they would tell others who had not been there. The story spread, until finally after being passed on orally, it would become part of a written account. People would remember that day […]

Labor Day Is Now Past…, Proper 18 (B) – 1997

September 07, 1997

Labor Day is now past, meaning we have officially entered into the Fall season. Most schools are now open, and that means our children are back in classes and our parents will be returning to their primary jobs being taxi drivers for the kids. There will be football practices, soccer practices, dance classes and countless […]

The General Convention…, Proper 11 (B) – 1997

July 20, 1997

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church is ready to open in Philadelphia. Thousands of people will be traveling, taking with them thousands of pieces of luggage. If delegates, they will be there just short of two weeks. How much would you take if it were you? How many changes of clothes? For what occasions? […]

Have You a Will…, Maundy Thursday – 1997

March 27, 1997

Have you a will? Have you taken time to think about who is important in your life, and how you would like to thank them, or be remembered? Have you decided what your treasures are, and how those treasures will be divided – or have you tried to figure out how “to take it with […]

I’m Only Human…, Lent 1 (A) – 1996

February 25, 1996

“I’m only human!” The last line of defence for those accused of errors in checkbook mathematics, misplacing the car keys, forgetting an evening meeting, overshooting the exit from the highway, reading the wrong lesson on a Sunday morning. “I’m only human!” A standard line that expresses frustration for our propensity to forget, misplace, daydream, and […]

Living Among Us, Christmas Day (III) – 1995

December 25, 1995

Right now, there are babies laughing and crying in our world, and there are parents listening for those wordless cries and understanding them. After a few days or weeks of listening intently, caring for the newborn, simply being with the baby, parents learn to distinguish between the cry that means “I’m hungry — feed me […]

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