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This Is a Remarkable Story…, Proper 10 (C) – 1998

July 12, 1998

This is a remarkable story. Jesus turns every thing upside down. The man who asked him the critical question was not satisfied with Jesus’ very simple, very clear, and very […]

The Intent of the Gospel…, Proper 5 (C) – 1998

July 05, 1998

The intent of the gospel appointed for this Sunday is very, very clear. Jesus is God. We know this because a young man is brought back to life. This is […]

The Gospel of John Begins…, Easter 2 (C) – 1998

April 19, 1998

This gospel reading ends with, There were many other signs that Jesus worked and the disciples saw, but they are not recorded in this book. These are recorded so that […]

The Story of the Prodigal Son Is…, Lent 4 (C) – 1998

March 22, 1998

The story of the Prodigal son is one of the best known of all the stories in the Gospels. It is easy to see why, since it connects immediately to […]

The Gospel Appointed for…, Epiphany 6 (C) – 1998

February 15, 1998

The gospel appointed for this Sunday is both disturbing and comforting. It is a mix of “blessed” and “woe.” What is more bothersome is that the blessed conditions hardly seem […]

This Gospel Is about Jesus…, Epiphany 4 (C) – 1998

February 01, 1998

This Gospel is about Jesus, his miracle working, his truth telling, and his authority. The setting is his home town and the countryside near where he grew up. In his […]

A Big Event, Epiphany 1 (C) – 1998

January 11, 1998

The Baptism of Jesus is a big event. There are a lot of things that come together in Jesus’ baptism. There are a lot of things that come together in […]

Adolescence, Christmas 2 – 1998

January 04, 1998

This Gospel lesson is the one window we have into Jesus’ life in early adolescence. But we really can’t appropriately use the term adolescence in this context. Entrance into adulthood […]

As It Was, Christmas Eve – 1997

December 24, 1997

The Christiams Story according to St. Luke has to be one of the most familiar of all of the stories in the Bible. Our earliest memories of it may be […]

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