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Bible Study: Advent 2 (A) – 2022

December 04, 2022

During Advent, we will be using study prompts and other activities tied to the sermon for the week. Read the sermon aloud and follow-up with spoken responses to the two […]

Today’s Lessons Are Important Ones…, Proper 13 (B) – 1997

August 03, 1997

Today’s lessons are important ones because they give us vivid insights into our relationship with God. In fact, they hold up the whole notion of relationship: Relationship — the elastic […]

Today’s Lessons Are Wonderful…, Proper 7 (B) – 1997

June 22, 1997

Today’s lessons are wonderful — Job, Psalm 107, 2 Corinthians and Mark. They are all about relationship with God — listening to God and responding to God — experiencing God, […]

Lots Of Good Shepherd…, Easter 4 (B) – 1997

April 20, 1997

Lots of Good Shepherd readings this Sunday — Ezekiel, the 23rd Psalm, 1 John — if we can count “children of God” as sheep, and the Gospel according to John. […]

Here We Are at the Fourth…, Advent 4 (A) – 1995

December 24, 1995

Here we are at the 4th Sunday of Advent, anticipating the first great Holy Day in our new liturgical year. The year itself marks our life in relationship to God, […]

More Great Lessons…, Advent 3 (A) – 1995

December 17, 1995

More great lessons as we move into the third Sunday of our new liturgical year. The Psalm and Isaiah talk about how wonderful life in the kingdom of God is, […]

The Lessons for This Second…, Advent 2 (A) – 1995

December 10, 1995

The lessons for this second Sunday in Advent are absolutely magnificent in their belief in, understanding of and knowledge about life in the kingdom of God. What do we have […]

The Lessons for This First…, Advent 1 (A) – 1995

December 03, 1995

[RCL]: Isaiah 2:1-5; Psalm 122; Romans 13:11-14; Matthew 24:36-44 The lessons for this first Sunday in Advent are grand; they are big statements we’ve heard so much we forget exactly […]

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