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Bible Study: Proper 5 (B) – 2021

June 06, 2021

RCL: 1 Samuel 8:4-11, (12-15), 16-20, (11:14-15); Psalm 138; 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1; Mark 3:20-35 1 Samuel 8:4-11, (12-15), 16-20, (11:14-15) The people are clamoring, demanding a king. They have been burnt by the rule of judges; Joel and Abijah, Samuel’s sons, are corrupt and have accepted bribes. The Israelites want to “keep up with the […]

Bible Study: Last Sunday in Epiphany (B) – 2021

February 14, 2021

RCL: 2 Kings 2:1-12; Psalm 50:1-6; 2 Corinthians 4:3-6; Mark 9:2-9 2 Kings 2:1-12 Elisha and the company of prophets knew the great prophet Elijah would leave them, that God would take him away soon. Elijah himself could sense he would soon leave this earth, and he asks Elisha what he can do for Elisha. […]

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