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Kathie Sandmaier is Director of Christian Formation at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, and is President of the North American Association for the Catechumenate.

Sermons and Bible Studies

Only One Participant…, Palm Sunday (B) – 1997

March 23, 1997

Only one participant in the Gospel accompanied Jesus through all the length of his days. This character was present at Bethlehem and during all of the events of Holy Week […]

We Have Come Through…, Epiphany 1 (B) – 1997

January 19, 1997

We have come through the holiday and season of the church year which most celebrates children. Christmas somehow seems more complete when there is a child in the house. The […]

A Recent Bestseller…, Proper 4 (A) – 1996

March 17, 1996

A recent bestseller posed the notion that everything one needs to know is learned in kindergarten. We can carry that a step farther and say that everything one needs to […]

A Procession Is Different…, Lent 3 (A) – 1996

March 10, 1996

A procession is different from a parade. A parade is before a home coming game. A procession is a senior class on graduation day. A parade is political. A procession […]

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