Kirk Alan Kubicek

The Rev. Kirk Alan Kubicek is currently priest-in-charge at Christ Church, Rock Spring Parish, Forest Hill, Md. Christ Church is a small but mighty parish, and together they are rediscovering what our Lord has in store for their future. He has spent over 35 years in parish ,inistry in all shapes and size parishes, and for 15 years worked with The Episcopal Church Office of Stewardship and TENS. He often uses storytelling, music, and guitar in proclaiming the Good News. Married with three adult children and one grandson, Kirk also plays drums in On the Bus, a DC metro area Grateful Dead tribute band. All shall be well, all shall be well, all manner of thing shall be well!

Sermons and Bible Studies

A Sermon about a Sermon, Epiphany 4 (A) – 2002

February 03, 2002

This is a sermon about a sermon: the Sermon on the Mount. The church sometimes refers to it as The Beatitudes. One way of looking at the word beatitudes is […]

To Be a Light, Candlemas – 2002

February 02, 2002

Whether it is of the day or of life itself, evening time is the time of recollection. To recollect oneself means to gather oneself up into meditation. We have here […]

The Stewardship of God’s Grace, Feast of the Epiphany – 2002

January 06, 2002

Like Isaiah before us, we have been visited with visions of darkness covering the earth, and thick darkness covering the peoples. We have seen the darkness that pervades what we […]

Thank You, Mike, Proper 17 (C) – 2001

September 02, 2001

It must have seemed like such a great idea. The Pharisees invite Jesus over for dinner thinking, no doubt, that they could humble him. That is surely what is meant […]

Our Lectionary Does Not…, Proper 9 (C) – 2001

July 08, 2001

Our Lectionary does not include Luke 9: 1-6, which depicts Jesus sending out the twelve disciples, empowering them with authority over demons, the ability to heal the sick, all as […]

Pray Without Ceasing, Easter 7 (C) – 2001

May 27, 2001

Saint Paul calls us to be those people who pray without ceasing. The world is a scary place. All three of the lessons we have chosen to read today attest […]

During These Great 50 Days…, Easter 6 (C) – 2001

May 20, 2001

During these Great 50 Days of Easter we reflect on what it means to be people who live their lives shaped and formed by the resurrection of our Lord and […]

You Will Be Catching People, Epiphany 5 (C) – 2001

February 04, 2001

Gordon Cosby at the Church of the Savior in Washington, DC, tells the story that when he was a teenager, he and his brother promised not to come home unless […]

Attentive to the Word, Epiphany 3 (C) – 2001

January 21, 2001

Our scripture readings are arranged in a three-year Lectionary cycle. The readings themselves were chosen by some committee years ago. Sometimes, the Lectionary is accused of being too rigid. It […]

Why Do You Stand Looking Into Heaven?, Ascension Day – 2000

June 01, 2000

“Why do you stand looking into heaven?” ask two men dressed in white robes. Indeed, why do we stand looking into heaven? And where should we be looking? A few […]

If Jesus Is King, How Should The Church Look?, Christ the King (B) – 2000

November 26, 2000

It is the Franciscans, followers of Saint Francis of Assisi, who have led the church to designate this last Sunday of the Christian year the Sunday of Christ the King, […]

The Widow’s Gift to Us, Proper 27 (B) – 2000

November 12, 2000

She in her poverty, who needs so much, has given away everything, her whole living. Whenever I read this Gospel, I remember the following story about the Rev. Gordon Cosby, […]

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