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Bible Study: Good Friday – 2019

April 19, 2019

Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Jesus was broken and bruised, lifted up and crucified, a king come to serve humanity. This is as startling an event as one can imagine and was foretold by the prophet Isaiah in today’s Old Testament reading. Have the nations been startled? I think so, again and again. The power of the crucifixion […]

Bible Study: Wednesday in Holy Week – 2019

April 17, 2019

Isaiah 50:4-9a This passage from Isaiah is often referred to as the third servant song of Isaiah. The servant songs are believed to prophesy the redemptive role of Christ in the world. The other three servant songs are found in Isaiah 42:1-4, 49:1-6, and 52:13-53:12. The message of this passage is one of comfort for […]

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