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Two Weeks Ago…, Proper 4 (B) – 1997

June 01, 1997

Two weeks ago, a six year old girl who lives a few doors away was outside, swinging in her backyard. She was playing a popular children’s game of swinging until […]

Imagine Being Married…, Easter 3 (B) – 1997

April 13, 1997

Imagine being married for 13, 14, 15, maybe even 20 years or more…and thinking that things were generally pretty good between you and your spouse. There were occasional ups and […]

Sometime Last Year…, Easter 5 (A) – 1996

May 05, 1996

Sometime last year I stood in my living room, watching a neighbor of mine cut his lawn. It was a typically hot and sunny Saturday afternoon. My attention was drawn […]

It Is Unlikely That…, Easter 4 (A) – 1996

April 28, 1996

It is unlikely that Jesus ever worked for gainful employment as a shepherd. Tradition (not scripture) tells us that he learned his father’s trade and worked as a carpenter. He […]

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