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Light in Darkness, Christmas 1 – 2002

December 29, 2002

In the bleak mid-winter, frosty wind made moan, earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone… snow had fallen, snow on snow, in the bleak mid-winter long, long ago. Some days seem darker than others. Some days seem colder. The shortest, darkest day of the year was only a few days ago. Although the […]

A Season of Signs, Advent 3 (B) – 2002

December 15, 2002

Advent is a season of signs. Some signs are sacred; some are secular. Some familiar; some unrecognized. Each Advent sign points to the one who first came to us in the obscurity of Bethlehem and to the same one who is now to come “in great glory to judge the living and the dead.” Each […]

The Story in Today’s Gospel…, Proper 27 (A) – 2002

November 10, 2002

The story in today’s Gospel that Jesus told his earliest followers about wise and foolish virgins — is a story about vigilance and values, a story of surprise and response and the judgment of consequences. The story comes from another place, another culture, and another time. How could this story of wise virgins and foolish […]

A Good Father, Proper 6 (C) – 2001

June 17, 2001

A good father flies kites with you at the park. A good father takes you fishing. A good father takes good care of you. A good father keeps you out of trouble. A good father loves you (and gives you just a sip of his beer). Bart was 13 years old when he prepared a […]

Has It Always Been So?, Christmas 1 – 2000

December 31, 2000

O Little town of Bethlehem, The hopes and fears of all the years are met again this year in you. Has it always been so? It was certainly so ten years ago. Some ten years ago, a tourist reflected in this way about his surprising visit to Bethlehem: My adolescent daughter and I were with […]

Before He Was a Month…, Proper 20 (B) – 2000

September 24, 2000

Note: The reader may wish to omit the first three paragraphs in brackets depending on the context and the congregation. The sermon may begin at paragraph four and still retain its impact. [“Before Rep was even a month old, at the beginning of each feeding, Margaret would gently pinch his cheek and say, ‘Now make […]

Veterans’ Day Selected Sermon

November 11, 1997

Blessed Are The Peacemakers On the day we went to Bosnia, the Air Force did not have the required clearances to fly in Austrian air space. The flight down from Germany was not the usual easy hour and a half trip across the Alps. We went by way of southern Italy and the flight lasted […]

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