Becoming Beloved Community

December 4: Telling the Truth: Looking in the Mirror

December 4, 2017
Beloved Community

The focus for the first week of advent is “Telling the truth.” For congregations, that means examining our church homes with a visitor’s eye, and acknowledging the ways that we could be more welcoming to all. For individuals, this week is an opportunity to search our hearts for those things that separate us from the complete embodiment of welcome and Christ’s love.

We have all had the experience of getting dressed up, spending time to look our best, only to glance in the mirror and see something unexpected. A coffee stain. A tiny bit of food between our teeth. A blemish. A mismatched sock.

It can be easy to focus in on those things and lose sight of the whole picture. A tiny blemish can ruin an otherwise flawless look as our shame grows, sure it is all anyone sees in us. As hard as it may be to see an “imperfection”, seeing is the first step to making it better.

Observing our hearts works similarly. Taking the time to reflect on the things that are holding us back from embracing the dream of Beloved Community, is the first step toward Beloved Community.

This week, observe yourself and tell the truth. What prejudices or pre-conceived notions do you carry with you? Where do they come from? What steps can you take to move forward on your personal journey? As you observe, take care not to dwell in the shame or embarrassment. Recognize your challenges. Tell the truth. Take a step towards embracing and becoming a part of the Beloved Community.