African Descent Ministries

New Visions Prayer developed by St. Simon of Cyrene in Cincinnati

May 23, 2014
African Descent Ministries

Heavenly Father, as we become the Beloved Community, we believe that we are disciples of Christ, taught by your word and obedient to your will. We thank you for the opportunity for renewal in our community of faith. We ask that we shall be filled with the Holy spirit to guide and lead us through our journey of spiritual wholeness and wisdom. Give us the vision of what united prayer and faith can do. empower us with the fruit of the Spirit of love, joy, patience, kindmess, goodness and self control. Give us insight to listen to one another as we embrace the common good. Revitalize and strengthen us with your power to become faithful disciples for the success of the New Visions Project. Help us to be faithful to the task of praying and working together for the well being of ourselves and our community. All this we ask in the name of Jesus.

Written by Joyce Mobley and Pearl Jordan.

The Rev. Canon Ronald C. Byrd Sr.

Missioner for African Descent Ministries

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