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Name City State
All Saints' in-the-Mountains, Crested Butte, CO Crested Butte CO
All Saints' Memorial Chapel, Morris Manor, NY Morris Manor NY
All Saints' Memorial Church, Navesink, NJ Navesink NJ
All Saints' Memorial Church, Providence, RI Providence RI
All Saints' of-the-Cascades Episcopal & Shepherd of-the-Mountain Lutheran, Sunriver, OR Bend OR
All Saints-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, Santa Barbara, CA Santa Barbara CA
All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Marysville, MI Marysville MI
All Soul's Episcopal Church, Washington, DC Washington DC
All Souls Episcopal Church, Stoney Brook, NY Stony Brook NY
All Souls' Episcopal Church , North Versailles, PA North Versailles PA
All Souls' Episcopal Church, (Summer Chapel), St. Huberts, NY Keene Valley NY
All Souls' Episcopal Church, Ansonville, NC Ansonville NC
All Souls' Episcopal Church, Kaycee/Edgerton, WY Kaycee WY
All Souls' Episcopal Church, Leland, NC Leland NC
All Souls' Episcopal Church, Mechanicsville, VA Mechanicsville VA
All Souls' Episcopal Church, Miami Beach, FL Miami Beach FL
All Souls' Episcopal Church, New York, NY New York NY
All Souls' Episcopal Church, North Fort Myers, FL North Fort Myers FL
All Souls' Episcopal Church, Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City OK
All Souls' Episcopal Church, San Diego, CA San Diego CA
All Souls' Episcopal Church, Stony Brook, NY Stony Brook NY
All Souls' Episcopal Parish, Berkeley, CA Berkeley CA
Alliance of St. Stephen's, Keelung City, Taiwan Keelung City
Alpachaca, Ibarra Ibarra I
Ambuquí, Ibarra Ibarra I
American Cathedral in Paris Paris
Annonciation, Bernaco, Haiti Bernaco CE
Annonciation, Darbonne, Haiti Darbonne OU
Annunciation Chapel, Church House, Washington, DC Washington DC
Annunciation of Our Lady Episcopal Church, Gurnee, IL Gurnee IL
Aquia Episcopal Church, Stafford, VA Stafford VA
Ascension & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Wyoming, OH Wyoming OH
Ascension de Thor, Carrefour, Haiti Carrefour
Ascension Episcopal Church, Advance, NC Advance NC
Ascension Episcopal Church, Amherst, VA Amherst VA
Ascension Episcopal Church, Bradford, PA Bradford PA