Many Voices: One Church

The Campaign for the Archives of the Episcopal Church

As Episcopalians, we hold a distinctive place within the diverse American fabric. Our history as The Episcopal Church is made up of living stories of men and women whose successes and triumphs, missteps and setbacks, inform the choices we make today and the paths we follow tomorrow. Since its earliest formation in the United States in 1789, The Episcopal Church has sought to be a worship community that unifies God’s people and brings good news to all of Creation. Ours is a compelling history passed on through the collective memory and the cultural record preserved in The Archives of the Episcopal Church. Stories are our lifeline to the past and our bridge to the future. For more than a decade, during which plans for the Archives have been under discussion, it has become clear that the Church’s overwhelming desire is for the Archives to be housed in a permanent facility, owned by and managed for the benefit of The Episcopal Church. In the final stages of planning, the Church has secured a city block in its current Austin location on which to build an extraordinarily institution to house and preserve the Archives and make them available to the larger public.

April Frazier

Database Manager

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