The Episcopal Church in Haiti

Holy Trinity Cathedral: More Than a Cathedral
Holy Trinity Cathedral is the shining center of the Diocese of Haiti. A renowned spiritual and cultural landmark in Port-au-Prince, it was destroyed beyond repair in the 2010 earthquake. The Episcopal Church is coming together to help rebuild the Cathedral, this time with earthquake- and hurricane-resistant designs and standards that will ensure the worship space will be a lasting symbol of unity, strength, and cultural relevance in perpetuity.

St. Barnabas Agricultural School Stabilization
The St. Barnabas Agricultural School continues to implement a stabilization process to halt any further deterioration of the college’s academic and practical field training capabilities, while building sufficient capital and operations infrastructure to place the institution on a solid financial basis. To that end, CASB stabilization aims to secure donations and grant funds for implementation of CASB projects to be funded over the next 18-months, to continue to implement capital improvements needed to support student education, and to meet college operations expenses until such time that the expanded farm crop areas and orchards provide adequate farming production income.

St. Vincent’s School for Children with Disabilities
Providing children with disabilities in Haiti special opportunities, support and resources to learn, grow and reach their full potential in their young life’s journey toward adulthood. 

April Frazier

Database Manager

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