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Preparing the Way – Episcopal Migration Ministries

June 15, 2021
Office of Development

You have new neighbors.  

They live across town, down the street, or over that bridge, what do you know about them? How, as a neighbor, will you welcome them? 

Episcopal Migration Ministries/EMM seeks to help parishes and dioceses answer these questions and many more, with Neighbor to Neighbor. Neighbor to Neighbor is an emerging program that not only trains Episcopal parishes to accompany asylum seekers and their families as they pursue legal residency in the United States, it gives them the tools to create their own network of support.  

Over the course of a 10-week program, parishioners gather (remotely) to discern and discover: discern their parish and individual commitment to welcome and discover their own communities anew. Parishioners explore facets of their communities from the perspective of a newcomer who may not speak the language, may not understand the culture, may not know how to access the resources ensuring a successful transition. Because relating across difference is complicated, these sessions delve deeply into the issues that delve deeply into meaningful public conversations – racial reconciliation, immigration, equity, and how to live out our baptismal covenant to strive for justice and respect the dignity of every human being.  

Along the way, through these intentional conversations and explorations, the parishioners address other issues. Issues of fear – fear of the unknown, fear that our efforts are insignificant, fear of not doing enough. In at least one of these pioneering parishes, participants have discerned new ministries and methods to proclaim their faith and serve their communities. We invite you to learn more about Neighbor to Neighbor. For more information, including a link to the discernment guide, visit  

World Refugee Day Events: June 20 is World Refugee Day (WRD), a day designated by the United Nations to honor and celebrate refugees around the world. Join EMM as we celebrate it through education, dialogue, prayer, and advocacy.

Join Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry on Wednesday, June 23 for “The Work of Your Church: An Evening in Support of Episcopal Migration Ministries” with Iconographer Mr. Kelly Latimore.

Upcoming Events: The Border & Migration Ministry Summit, cohosted by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas and Episcopal Migration Ministries, will be held virtually, October 21-23, 2021.

April Frazier

Database Manager

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