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June 15, 2023
Office of Development

Where do you take young adults to discern and prepare them for an international year of service? Where do you take young adults to help them reenter their own cultural context into their own culture?

For the past nine years, the answer to both questions has been with the brothers of the Order of the Holy Cross in West Park, New York. The Episcopal Church Office of Global Partnerships and the brothers at Holy Cross Monastery welcome participants in the church’s Young Adult Service Corps (known as YASCers) for discernment, orientation, and re-entry retreats. The monastic community in West Park provides all the space and spiritual resources needed to engage with the YASCers and launch them with the confidence and skills they need to make the most of a transformational year. This year YASC volunteers will travel to Costa Rica, Philippines, and Panama to complete their year of service.

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The Order of the Holy Cross 
What’s it like to be a YASCer? 

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Elizabeth Boe: Mission Personal Officer 
The Rev. David Copley: Director, Global Partnerships and Mission Personnel
The Brothers of The Holy Cross

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